Red deer antlers – health qualities


We call them natural phenomena. Growing up stunningly fast, the red deer antlers, are the strongest organs of these animals. Through Insulin growth factor IGF-1, a set of 18 hormones and a big amount of polypeptides, responsible for their growth, red deer antlers are gaining health qualities.

Stem cells located in red deer antlers MIC-1 are still something totally new and completely unknown for many people.That’s why some basic information on their subject is worth getting to know. Apparently, stem cells are one of the most important discoveries in the area of cosmetology, veterinary and medicine. They effectively stimulate animal and also human cells to self-renewal and reconstruction. Products containing this ingredient aim to make the organism self-renew without the influence of artificial substances.

What should be stressed, stem cells are located in animal organisms, also in human body. Therefore, they stimulate the regenerative processes by themselves. For example, the young skin is firm and smooth. Getting older, it’s losing its elasticity. Stem cells in red deer antlers are bringing back to the cells their natural and proper function.

Stem cells in red deer antlers

The scientists have produced stem cells from red deer antlers, same time proving that these cells are giving rise to the elements constructing the antlers (such as cartilages, bones and blood vessels). First researches on that subject were made many years ago. It was proved, at that time, that antlers cells have incredible qualities. For instance, they are able to divide themselves very fast. Multiple researches on mice, rabbits and horses have been done. All of them showed that antlers cells are one of the most regenerating natural products.

Medical properties of red deer antlers extract

The extract from red deer antlers stimulate lymphocytes Th1 reducing at the same time Th2. Supplements made from the red deer antlers extract contain natural human IGF-1 and rise its level in human and pets organism. Inhibiting inflammatory cytokines IL-1 and IL-6, the extract protects against osteoporosis. Also, it reduces hypertension, improve psychological stability and inhibit the inflammation and the production of nitric oxide NO.

The extract is used in chinese medicine to heal the lacerations, wounds and burns. It’s also used in case of permanent tiredness or osteoporosis. It has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory qualities. The extract inhibit the metalloprotein MMP-9 and the VEGF factor. Its big advantage are anti-oxidation qualities against joints or bones inflammation.

Supplements and other products based on red deer antlers

Currently, various medicinal products are produced with the use of red deers antlers. These are between other, food supplements for people and for pets with reduced job performance. They aim to influence strengthening the work of immune system. It is said that products based on powdered red siberian deer antlers are one of the safest and effective adaptogens on our planet.

The fact that there’s a lot of products based on red deer antlers extract prove that it’s rich in precious health properties.