The basic principles of the security during the group big game



  1. Only the person who is 18 years old or older are allowed to participate in the hunt.

  2. The hunter is not allowed to take part in hunting while under influence of alcohol or drugs.

  3. A rifle must be uncharged and keep open between the beats.

  4. Charging a rifle is allowed only after taking a post.

  5. Before leaving a post by a hunter a rifle must be uncharged.

  6. It is forbidden to use a hair trigger. A maximal zoom in the scope is 3x.

  7. The hunter takes place shown by Polish guide. He is allowed to move 3 m to the right and 3 m to the left only along the hunter’s line.

  8. The hunter must stay on his post at least to the end of the beat. The hunting chief establish the rules of leaving the post after the beats.

  9. As soon as the hunter takes his place he should establish an eye contact with hunters on neighbouring posts and give them a signal by moving his hand.

  10. After the hunter takes his place he should take standing or sitting position.

  11. A shot should be taken only from a standing position.

  12. It is forbidden to shoot along the line of hunters; a shot along the line of hunters it is the shot when a bullet goes or could go in extension closer than 10 m from the neigbour’s stand.

  13. If one takes his place on the line of hunters he cannot shoot in the direction of the stands situated aside (in flank) and if one takes his place aside (in flank), he cannot shoot in the direction of the posts situated on the hunter’s line if the distance between the stands or the terrain layout do not guarantee the security.

  14. If a distance between the line of hunters and a beaters is smaller than 150 m in the field (an open area) or 100 m in the forest it is forbidden to shoot at the game in the direction of the beaters.

  15. A shot can be taken at the minimum distance from the buildings of 150 m.

  16. A shot at the game in the direction of a beat is allowed when an animal is closer than 40 m while preserving all the rules of the caution.

  17. It is forbidden to shoot at red deers, fallow deers and roe deers in a beat, unless the chief of hunting authorises it.

  18. Between the beats a hunter may shoot only at the wounded game with a permission given by the chief of the hunting.

  19. It is forbidden to shoot at the leading hind, leading sow and roe bucks.

  20. During the hunt it is possible to see the bisons and the wolves. All the hunters know how they look like and they know that shooting them is strictly prohibited.

  21. The rules above are the minimum. Hunters can introduce also their own safety rules that provides higher security standard but they have to respect rules above in the same time.

  22. The hunter is always responsible for a shot taken by him.